There is A River

L'Abri, Huemoz Switzerland

In these paintings I wanted to capture the depth and feeling of an expansiveness of the Rhone Valley in the Alpine Region of Switzerland. These canvases were created in open air, “plein air” on mountain hikes high up on Alpine ranges in the Canton of Vaud.

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Art Verdure


A floral arrangement inhabits a space, a location where leaves, petals, and branches converse. Translating floral shapes and edges to forms and lines on the canvas reveals the spaces in between. These paintings evoke the memory of the physical while expressing the fragility of something elemental to the human heart: a yearning for the ineffable.

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Passage through Dust and Stone

New York City
Hepzibah House

Beautiful light in the old city was my inspiration for my Plein Air paintings in Israel. I paint with colors that are made of earth minerals. In my paintings, minerals being suspended in fields of color once again become images of stones. The fluidity of watercolors solidify to form stone’s hard edges, a poetic tension, a dance

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Diary of Israel's Beauty


In Jerusalem, watercolors, pencil, paper, brushes, and water in hand, I painted in the streets. Walking through the streets, caverns, tunnels, walls, and corridors captured my imagination. The quiet light on natural structures finds its expression in the rhythms of the my brush strokes and colors on canvas. These images were then developed further through imagination and memory in the studio.

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New York City, USA

In September 2016, I received a commission through Life Center Church in New York City. The painting will be installed at Wall Street, in the vicinity of Ground Zero in the near future.

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Gallery Alpine


The beauty and the mystery water inspired this body of work. I painted these pieces along the shoreline of Lake Zurich in the summer months.

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Creating works of art through floral arrangements have always inhabited my art studio and have been the infrastructure for all my compositions.

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